"Thank you for this magnificent experience" Artscene festival

A sad play for a happy clown
by Sebastian Rex
Directed and Performed by Tal Jakubowiczova
Assistant director Raz Weiner

A happy and optimistic clown is arriving from Clownland on a super-important mission.
She is waiting at the train station to be picked up by the International Clown Union.
Will she manage to save the world? Maybe just the audience? Or even just herself?

Full of silliness, physicality and rhythm, Unattended is a funny-sad one woman show about happiness in our world.

Written by the award winning playwright Sebastian Rex and played by Tal Jakubowiczova, founder and director of Hide and Seek Theatre UK.


“It is amazing how a one-woman show using hardly any scenery or props, can bring such a powerful message while being funny and entertaining at the same time.”
Artscene Festival 2014